Common Delayed Injuries After An Auto Accident That Can Be Serious

When people hear of an auto accident, they assume any injuries sustained will be noticeable from the beginning. However, that’s not always the case. In many instances, you may feel fine immediately after the accident, only to start having physical problems days or weeks after the accident. Because of this, it’s imperative to allow yourself to receive medical attention not only at the accident scene, but also at a hospital or your doctor as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll have medical documentation regarding your injuries should you need to file an auto accident claim. Experienced and knowledgeable auto accident attorney at the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm fight hard for the rights of those who have suffered injuries and disabilities due to the actions of reckless and negligent drivers and other responsible parties.

Here are some common delayed injuries that result from auto accidents that can prove to be very serious:


While it’s very common to have a headache now and then, experiencing headaches after an auto accident could prove very serious. Rather than assume it is the result of feeling stressed after the accident, get yourself examined by a doctor as soon as possible. Though it may be nothing, it could also be caused by a concussion, whiplash, or even a blood clot forming in your brain.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you begin to experience pain in your neck and shoulders, not only should you have an immediate medical examination, but you should also contact an auto accident lawyer. That’s because in many instances, the doctor will discover you have whiplash, or possibly more severe injuries such as herniated discs in your spine, which often require surgery and a lengthy recovery.

Abdominal Pain

In many auto accidents, you’ll experience blunt force trauma by hitting against the steering wheel or dashboard. While you may feel only slight soreness initially, this could get far worse in the days and weeks ahead. If you begin to notice your skin turning purple, deep bruising around your midsection, and feelings of dizziness or being lightheaded, seek medical attention immediately, since you may be bleeding internally.

Numbness or Weakness in Limbs

If you suffered a back injury in your accident and begin to notice numbness or weakness in your arms and legs, chances are you may have a serious spinal injury that requires immediate medical attention. These symptoms are often related to having herniated discs or a broken back, both of which are very serious injuries and can cause much physical pain and suffering if left untreated. If you receive medical attention and are found to be experiencing these injuries, do not hesitate to contact an auto accident lawyer concerning the best course of action to filing an auto accident claim.

Contact an Attorney

If you find yourself experiencing delayed injuries after an auto accident, do not sit back and suffer needlessly. Instead, contact an auto accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm to discuss your options regarding an auto accident claim. By doing so, you will take the first step toward not only making those who caused your injuries be held responsible for their actions, but also ensure you will get the full and fair compensation you deserve.