How To Effectively Avoid Diabetes

How to effectively avoid diabetes

There are no ifs or buts if you have diabetes in the family the first thing is not to panic. Familiarise yourself with this disease to avoid crazy and negative thoughts being created in your head.
Having knowledge about it will help you think clearly, workout what road to take and what are the options available.
If you find that the chances of getting diabetes are high, continue researching and learn the symptoms to look for before they become too advanced. How can these symptoms be diagnosed and what are the treatments available for you?
Knowing this information will help you cope with diabetes, to better manage it or completely avoid it.

Keeping clear of diabetes
Dont kid yourselves diabetes is a chronic illness that tends to get more complicated and more severe as time goes by. This is why I am pushing the awareness of diabetes, not only to the people who are prone due to various reasons, but to everyone, young or old, thin or overweight to take in as much information as they can to help them stay clear from this terrible condition.
No different to some other severe illness, healthy habits are normally the way to veer away from diabetes. Medical experts say that those people who have decided to change and practice healthy habits have a lower risk of getting this disease even if they have family members with it. its a matter of making changes to your lifestyle, like:
1. Diet
I think that most are aware of the saying you are what you eat and in many ways it makes sense. Eating healthier foods with well balanced meals, you would be healthier than those who do not practice eating this way.
Medical experts recommend to eat more fruit and vegetables. Try not to eat the vegetables containing starch, instead go for green beans, carrots, spinach, broccoli and cabbage to mention some. Also add non-processed grain foods like brown rice and whole-wheat pasta. If you like and eat meat, go for fish and lean meats. When it comes to drinks, good quality water is hard to beat.
2. Overweight problems
If you are prone to diabetes, weight is very a big factor. People who are overweight have a greater chance to acquire this disease because their body develops resistance to insulin. Therefore, if they dont get enough insulin due to the weight condition the cells in the body will be unprotected from the glucose and thus eventually develop diabetes.
3. Regular exercise
Although medical experts recommend regular exercise, it goes without saying that being active regularly is healthy and revitalizing (and I dont mean, walking the dog around the block while smoking a cigarette). Active people who exercise and workout regularly have a lesser chance to not only developing diabetes, but will also reduce your chances to getting other diseases.
Dont come up with excuses like, no time, tired, dont feel good and so on. It doesnt have to be like an Olympic athlete; plan a regular set of routine that will elevate your heart rate for about 15 mins. (if its 20 mins. even better).
If you are new to exercise and starting is a problem, find a buddy that is already doing exercise to help you through the different stages of your new regime. Join health clubs, gyms or sports to meet people that are doing what you are looking to do.
4. Eliminate evils
For many years now we have been told that smoking and alcohol are bad for our health. The proof and the results are well known and documented, but some people still disregard this recommendations and advice.
Speaking to some of these people Ive found that some, not all believe they are immune to the diseases and/or the health problems smoking and alcohol can bring. To me, this is like someone saying that the world is flat; now come on, lets be real and wake up.
If you are in the risk category to developing type 1 or type 2 diabetes and smokes cigarettes and drinks heavily you are well on the way to acquiring not only diabetes, but probably other diseases. One must realise that the toxins from smoking and alcohol entering your body overloads your immune system and makes it less efficient