Importance Of Cognitive Brain Damage Rehab

The goal of cognitive brain damage rehabilitation is to assist the affected patient to progress to the highest level of functioning in order to operate independently. The rehab process is based on two factors such as the restoration of functions that could be restored and learning new strategies to cope with the changes in behaviour due to brain damage. Cognitive stimulation therapy is an important aspect of the rehabilitation process. This article provides information on the importance of cognitive brain damage rehab after brain damage.

Cognitive brain damage rehab should account for a wide range of neuro-functional weaknesses and strengths in the injured individual’s brain. In fact, basic skills like perception, attention, and focus need to be strengthened before the more complex type of skills such as strategic analysis and problem-solving are added. An effective rehab program needs to identify the functional strengths and weaknesses as well as stimulate the deficient areas of the brain.

Cognitive issues that may arise from brain damage can vary from individual to individual. The severity of brain damage and personality of the patient can affect how cognitive issues arise in a person. As long as the executive functions such as problem-solving and logic of the affected individual are intact, he or she can sustain a significant cognitive loss and yet continue to be productive and independent. When some of the more complex executive functions are impaired, it tends to affect all aspects of the behaviour of the patient.

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Cognitive rehab is important to teach the other areas of the brain to take over some of the functions of the damaged areas. The brain’s neuro-plasticity ability is leveraged to find neural network detours around the permanently damaged areas in the brain and regenerate existing neural pathways. Most of the time, individuals who suffer from brain injury are not aware of their cognitive deficits. Hence, they can easily become frustrated and angry at times.

Cognitive rehab usually focuses on regaining some of the lost cognitive skills as well as learning new ways to compensate for abilities that may have permanently changed due to brain injuries. Most patients will effectively respond to rehab programs tailored to their interests and background. Outdoor activities play a big part in most of these cognitive brain damage rehabilitation programs. One should opt for the best rehab program that suits his or her interests. The aforementioned article provides information on the importance of cognitive brain damage rehab after brain damage.