Is Your Old School Cotton Loop Mop Making You Sick? Theres A Better Way To Mop

Keeping our immune systems strong through good personal care practices is very important because at the end of the day it is our immune system that protects us from any invading viruses and germs. The most obvious way to take care of our Immune system is to take things like vitamin D and other supporting vitamins that improve our immune system. There is however another angle of immune care that is quite often overlooked. The concept is, in addition to supplementing with vitamins to improve our immune system, why not also take extra steps to prevent coming into contact with germs that make us sick in the first place?

One such place that harbors lots of germs in our home and is something that many overlook and do not pay the right kind of attention to is the floor. Although most people do clean their floors, its more a problem about the method they use rather than whether or not they do clean their floor. If you think about how we bring germs into the house from outside its easy to understand how the floor is the most germ-prone place in our home.

To make matters even worse is the fact that most people are using outdated cleaning methods to clean their floors. For example, studies have shown that cotton loop mops do a terrible job at removing germs off the floor. This is due to their actual makeup, cotton fibers are too big to hold onto and pick off germs off the floor. They also harbor and help to multiply germs when sitting in the storage cupboard. When you mop your floor using this type of system, you are basically painting your entire floor with germs thereby exposing yourself to a vast array of bacteria.

Dont worry, there is a solution though. There’s a certain type of mopping method that is so good at removing germs that hospitals only use this type of mop. Have you ever heard of Temples Pride microfiber mops? These tools are so important to hospitals. The reason microfiber is so good at removing germs is because the fibers are so small that they are able to hook onto and remove germs. But the best part of microfiber is that it can do its job even without using chemicals. This brings me to my second point, if you think about all the chemicals that we normally use to clean our floors, especially with the cotton mop method, just think about how we are polluting the air quality in our home thereby affecting our health.