Some Of The Main Ways Alcohol Affects The Body

You will find people all around the world that enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages in their recreational time. Unfortunately, however, many people don’t realize how dangerous the substance can actually be. Even those who drink a small amount but do so on a regular basis
can be causing permanent damage to their bodies.

To start with, alcohol can cause dehydration. People who wake up with a headache after a heavy night of drinking are typically experiencing the headache because their body is dehydrated.

Unfortunately, if you just drink lots of water after drinking, you can dilute the essential electrolytes in your body and make a migraine worse. Therefore, it’s actually better to opt for sports drinks that have added electrolyte to treat your hangover. Despite the fact that many people
use alcohol as a partying drug, it is actually a depressant. Of course, this means it can reduce anxiety, but it can also exacerbate depression.

It is also a highly addictive drug and the human body can quickly build up a tolerance for it, which means people can find themselves having to drink more and more to get the same effects. One of the main parts of the body that alcohol causes damage to is the liver. Heavy drinkers
put themselves at high risk of developing cirrhosis. When cirrhosis reaches its final stages, the only cure is a liver transplant. Transplant waiting lists are long and alcoholics are typically pushed to the bottom on the list.

A person’s body mass also has a massive impact on how much alcohol they can safely drink. People who weigh less than 90lbs can see their blood alcohol levels exceeding the driving limit after just two drinks. It’s important to note that the drug can also affect males and females differently.
Females have less body water than males.

Since water dilutes alcohol as it is circulated throughout the body, if a man and woman of the same weight drink the same amount of alcohol, the woman’s brain will be exposed to a greater amount of the drug than the man’s.Different types of alcoholic beverages can be better or worse for the
human body depending on their alcoholic content. However, while beer contains a much lower percentage of alcohol than vodka, people generally tend to drink much large quantities of beer.

Shots of liquors such as gin, rum, whiskey, vodka, brandy, and soju, can cause a lot of damage to the lining of the stomach and the esophagus. Furthermore, there are a lot of fake spirts in circulation in some countries that can contain a fatal dose of methanol (wood alcohol). Alcohol affects
everyone differently. A safe amount for your friend might be closer to a fatal overdose for yourself.

Furthermore, alcohol reacts with various medications, so those taking any type of prescription medication need to make sure that they ask their doctor about drug interactions. Many people will say that there is no safe amount of alcohol, but it is possible to enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages
occasionally as long as you do so responsibly.