Are Portable Wheelchair Ramps Safe?

A common phrase around the world states that disability is not inability. An elderly, disabled, or injured person can live a healthy life as well. This has been made easy by wheelchairs that aid in mobility and accessibility. It aids people with different conditions such as stroke, spinal-cord deformities, polio, and muscular dystrophy. A wheelchair boosts a person’s health by reducing the risk of problems such as sores. It equally improves the quality of life since one can have a social life and perform tasks just like other people.

Each wheelchair has to be explicitly designed to fit different kinds of people with varying needs. It should not only help in movement but also fit in an individual’s environmental conditions perfectly. The environment could be either indoors or outdoors. A suitable wheelchair should be safe for the user and durable. Its price must affordable by people from varying walks of life.

The benefits of a proper wheelchair include; smooth movement, improved self-esteem and better social and economic life. Motion enables an individual to interact, learn and work with others. He can independently perform tasks and maintain an active lifestyle. He becomes more confident due to equal opportunities to participate in activities both at home, school and office. He can take up community responsibilities or be part of a team. Instead of depending on his family, he can comfortably work and make a living by himself.
safe ramps

However, people with disabilities still face challenges in acquiring and using wheelchairs. The majority of them are poor and cannot afford one. Government funding has helped in this as they donate a few pieces to these parties. Secondly, distant surrounding inhibits their movement. It may have harsh climatic conditions such as rain or poorly maintained roads. This requires a person to be skilled in navigating through such areas. Lack of enough rehabilitation centres limits the availability of helpful services, which increases the risk of complications.

Inaccessibility to places like schools, hospitals, and work necessitated the development or ramps. Portable ramps are lightweight, made with aluminium and are foldable. Most people prefer Aluminum because it doesn’t rust and is portable. Car boots are widely used to transport them. They are also affordable and readily available. However, one has to be careful about the type of ramp he is choosing for safety. Each design is for a specific place. It is necessary to get an instructions manual, or experts help to get it fixed correctly.